Alcohol Marker Set, 12 Basic Colours, Sonnet, Twin Nib


  • Set of 12 alcohol markers
  • Double-sided (bullet & chisel tips)
  • Basic Colours;

No. 44 – Sunflower, No. 23 – Orange, No. 15 – Evening red, No. 17 – Berry mousse, No. 87 – Cyclamen, No. 81 – Plum, No. 48 – Yellow-green, No. 43 – Olive -green dark, No. 63 – Azure, No. 71 – Cobalt blue, No. 93 – Brown, No. 120 – Black.

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Sonnet alcohol markers are suitable for all types of sketching, as well as complex illustrations, comics and other creative directions. Two tips – a bullet and a chisel – offer versatility. The bullet tip is ideal for fine lines and fine detail, the chisel for fast rendering and filling of large fragments.

The basic palette includes basic colours and their adjacent shades. All colours are bright natural, harmoniously combined with each other,  and are suitable for creating glazes and soft colour transitions.

“Basic colors” is a set with which you can start your acquaintance with alcohol markers, as well as create a good base, further supplementing it with new colors depending on thematic preferences. The general palette of Sonnet markers includes 110 colors, including a blender.


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