Ladoga Oil Set – 8x18ml


Set of artists’ ‘Ladoga’ oil paints 8 colours in 18ml tubes.

Colours included;

  • Zinc or Titanium white
  • Cadmium yellow light (hue) or cadmium yellow medium (hue)
  • Madder lake red (hue) or carmine (hue)
  • Ultramarine light
  • Phthalocyanine blue or Prussian blue
  • Burnt sienna or burnt umber
  • Lamp black or shungite

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Ladoga oil paints are perfect for art students and for artists looking for quality paints at an affordable price.  Made of high-quality finely ground pigments on a linseed oil base, Ladoga oil paints have rich permanent colors with high light-fastness.

Cadmiums and cobalts in Ladoga series are not real (marked HUE), which also provides some benefits: bright and rich colours with non-toxic chemicals.

Earth colours (ochre, cyan, sienna, and umber) consist of natural pigments providing deep tone unreachable by synthetic pigments.

Thick and heavy-body consistency allows Ladoga paints to last longer with a wide range of use: variety of techniques, including painting with palette knives and wide brush strokes.

Pigment load: up to 26%
Binder: Linseed oil

Ladoga Oils Colour Chart


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