Master Class Oil Set – 12x18ml

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  • Extra fine, artist quality paints
  • Bright and pure colours
  • Excellent value for money
  • Used for restoration works of museum quality paintings

Colours included;

  • Zinc White or Titanium White,
  • Cadmium Yellow Light or Cadmium Yellow Medium,
  • Naples Yellow or Strontium Yellow,
  • Cadmium Red Light or Cadmium Red Deep,
  • English Red or Indian Red,
  • Ultramarine Light,
  • Phthalocyanine Blue,
  • Cobalt Green Light or Cobalt Green Deep,
  • Gold Ochre or Raw Sienna,
  • Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna,
  • Emerald Green,
  • Mars Brown Light or Mars Brown Deep,
  • Mars Black or Lamp Black.

Out of stock

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