Old Master Palette


This bundle is comprised of suggested earth-based colours inspired by the Old Masters, giving excellent results and lightfastness.  Titanium white is included in place of Lead white and French Ultramarine is included in place of Lapis Lazuli.

This bundle consists of the following Master Class colours in 46ml tubes;

Ochre Light, Raw Umber, English Red, Burnt Sienna, Transparent Mars Orange,  Ultramarine Deep, Green Tavush, Ivory Black, and Titanium White

These open stock colours are available at a reduced price when purchased as part of this bundle.

  • Ochre Light

    natural earthy yellow

    Light Ochre
  • Raw Umber

    dark brown earth

    Raw Umber "Leningrad"
  • English Red

    dense with great hiding power, more a brick red

    English Red
  • Burnt Sienna

    natural calcined earth colour

    Burnt Sienna
  • Transparent Mars Orange

    use in place of Burnt Sienna for glazing

    Transparent Mars Orange
  • Ultramarine Blue Deep

    warm (toward red) transparent blue

    Ultramarine Deep
  • Green Tavush

    muted earth green, great for grisaille

    Green Tavush
  • Ivory Black hue

    general mixing black with moderate tinting strength

    Ivory Black (hue)
  • Titanium White

    Titanium White

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*images are of paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and Caravaggio.  They are in the Public Domain.

This palette of earth tones gives you a rational approach to colour in oil painting by providing you with a set of (mostly) lower chroma colours that are harmonious in value and saturation.

About Master Class Oil Paint

‘Master-Class’ is an artists’ series for professional artists and the most
demanding masters.  Thanks to many years of experience, well-established technologies, and innovative developments, ‘Master-Class’ colours are used in the most challenging of restoration works.  Fine art masterpieces and architectural monuments have been restored using ‘Master-Class’ oil paint at: The Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, The Grand Kremlin Palace, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, pictures of The State Hermitage Museum and The State Tretyakov Gallery.

They are also used by Russian master painter Nikolai Blokhin (b. 1968).

‘Master-Class’ oil paints are made of high-quality pigments and binders based on specially processed linseed oil.  Natural dammar resin produced on the Malay Archipelago is added to the oil to improve the adhesion of pigment with binder without impacting colour brightness and purity.  Specialist machines are used to grind pigments.  To achieve optimal quality, the amount of grinding differs for each colour.  In some cases, ‘Master-Class’ colours are grinded up to 40 times.

Pigment Load: 28-80%  (read about ‘Critical Pigment Volume Concentration’ here)

All individual tubes come in 46 ml size.

Some facts:
– Extra fine paints
– 78 colours available at Crafty Studio
– 85% of colours are single-pigment
– Bright and pure colours
– High-quality mineral pigments
– Do not change their original colour after drying
– Used for restoration works of museum quality paintings

Master Class Oils Colour Chart

Learn more about the Master Class brand.


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