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The original Portable Painter Classic fits effortlessly in a pocket or purse so it’s always with you. At about the size of a smartphone, it converts in seconds to a complete watercolor rig ready for your twelve favorite colours.

It’s great on a tabletop, but on uneven surfaces, the built-in water containers excel as a sturdy pedestal base. Perhaps most surprisingly it can even straddle a knee. This frees both your hands, to hold both paper and brush, so it’s ideal for urban sketching, plein air painting and adventure journaling.

The Portable Painter includes twelve detachable half-pans so that artists can easily modify their palette.  (Paint not included).

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Out of stock

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A smaller brush head is stored in the back end of the larger brush. It is quite a tight fit. To open, firmly grasp the body of the main brush and the end of the smaller brush insert, then twist and pull. Both parts will separate and the double brush can be assembled.


The Portable Painter now comes with a black silicone band. It’s ideal for storing the aluminum clasp when removed from the case.  When you receive the Portable Painter, the band is wrapped around the bottom of the outer case. When the case is opened to become water wells, the band should ideally be closer to the top of the water container. In this position, it can also hold several pencils, pens or brushes in a vertical fashion on the outside of the water container.


Small disks of double-side adhesive are provided for the half-pans, so they can be fixed in the palette. They can still be removed: Just slip a butter knife or dull table knife down the edge of the half-pan and the seal will be broken. The half-pans can then be removed and re-attached as needed. They are Winsor & Newton® size.


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