Portrait Painting Kit

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Oil paint and canvas for the course ‘Portrait Fundamentals‘ by Nina Ruminska

  • Stretched cotton canvas 30x40cm
  • Rembrandt Professional quality oil paint in 40ml tubes (Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion, Ivory Black, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber)


Out of stock



Rembrandt Oil Colours

Rembrandt and oil colour is a unique combination of superior quality and tradition in just one tube.   Crafty Studio currently stocks 36 of the most popular colours in the range.  With an even distribution across the several colour ranges and a good balance between transparent and opaque colours. Each colour has a smooth, buttery texture and a rich intensity.

Rembrandt Oils are highly durable and boast the highest colour strength possible, using only the best pigments.

The pigments finely ground and combined with a binder consisting of the purest linseed or safflower seed oil, resulting in an oil paint whose texture is exceptionally smooth, creamy, and even.


Historical Brand

Proudly crafted in Holland on triple roll mills, Rembrandt is the professional choice, most notably for direct painting and Plein Air painting. Rembrandt oil colour is a unique combination of superior quality and tradition.

Rembrandt is one of the oldest brands of Royal Talens.  Its history dates back to 1899, the year that the founder Marten Talens started up his family business in Apeldoorn. Completely in accordance with the tradition of the Dutch Masters, the emphasis lay particularly on colour, handling properties, lightfastness and the most exclusive pigments. To this day- this philosophy is what distinguishes the Royal Talens Colourhouse from other colour makers.

Rembrandt Oil Colours are pure and intense with very high pigment concentration. Pigments in the professional range can spend up to 10 hours on the mills!  Rembrandt Oil Colour’s Extra-Fine grind results in higher tinting strength, buttery handling property and a very wide range of transparent colours. The full range of colours is 100+ years lightfast in museum conditions- the highest degree of lightfastness. Each unique pigment has a time-tested recipe which gives each colour across the range close to universal handling, sheen and dry time.

In over 100 years the Rembrandt brand has built up an unprecedented wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise, which is employed in its efforts to continue innovating. The professional artist is Rembrandt’s most important source of inspiration for this.


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