Watercolour Course With Kasper Zier



Watercolour course
Discover the top tips to achieving succesful watercolour paintings with acclaimed artist Kasper Zier. In this course, Kasper will reveal his unique method for working with this medium, which includes instruction on mastering tonal values, the importance of connecting shapes, as well as comprehensive lessons on colour mixing, glazing, and dry brush techniques. By following Kasper’s expert guidance, students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to take their watercolour paintings to the next level. 


Lessons will take place at Crafty Studio, Glasnevin for four Mondays beginning on Monday 19th february at 6.30pm to 9:30pm

  • 19th, 26th February
  • 4th , 11th March





Kasper Zier (@kasperzier)

Kasper is an award winning watercolour artist living and working in Dublin and a  member of the Water Colour Society of Ireland.



During the course students will;

  • paint a street scene, landscape and/or an interior scene
  • learn about the importance of composition and put it into practice.
  • further their understanding of colour mixing
  • learn about glazes, washes, and dry brush techniques
  • understand when to use different paper types
  • follow instructor-led demonstrations and apply what they learn to their own work
  • Paint a street scene, landscape and/or an interior scene
  • understand the importance of having a focal point in the painting.
  • know where to paint more details and where to be more loose.
  • be able to work with wet-into-wet and dry brush techniques to achieve different effects.
  • understand value of connecting shapes in the painting.
  • know how and why to include details in the painting such as figures and cars.
  • Understand the techniques used to adjusting the final painting by lifting paint in certain areas