White Drawing Chalks- 10 sticks


10 sticks, cardboard box.

The formulation process features durable, finely ground high quality white pigment.  This is then combined with just the right amount of kaolin and Chasov Yar clay.

  • 10 pieces, 62mm in length, in a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Used in the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, St Petersburg.
  • Silky and smooth texture.
  • wash and blend them as watercolours with a soft brush
  • The sauce, after drying, can be washed with an eraser
  • Perfect choice for graphic arts, especially for life drawings and portraits

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Use to sketch and draw to create white areas, adjust values, or use to create highlights. Excellent for final highlights and for drawing on dark or colored papers for dramatic results. Additional uses: Apply patterns on dark painting surfaces, cloth or suede, as a transfer pencil. Brushes off, or can be erased from papers or fabrics with a soft, white eraser.


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