White Nights Set, Bazanova Palette – 21 Pan Metal Box


  • 21 x 2.5ml full pans
  • Elena Bazanova palette
  • Designed for travelling workshops and plein airs.
  • Sturdy, reusable, and feature bright enamel exterior and white enamel interior with a foldout palette for colour mixing.
  • The case equipped with a ring binder, it fits your hand perfectly and comfortable to carry around.


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The composition of this set of White Nights watercolours  was developed in collaboration with the famous watercolour artist Elena Bazanova. A balanced palette is indispensable for creating vivid and airy still lifes. The composition includes 21 colours that Elena uses in her own work.

The name “White Nights” comes from St. Petersburg, where summer nights are long and the sky is never dark.  “White Nights” is a famous brand of professional watercolour paints.

“White Nights” are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigment particles plus gum arabic.

Unlike pan watercolours made with the extrusion process, “White Nights” Watercolours are poured—a process preserving the integrity of each pigment and resulting in semi-moist cakes that respond instantly to a wet brush.

“White Nights” full pans are 2.5ml and compare favourably in price with other professional watercolour brands.  This 2.5ml range will typically outprice the 1.5ml (half-pan) ranges of other professional brands – yet the quality is on a par with them.


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