Life drawing is a great way to improve your observation, proportion and perspective skills, as well as to express yourself through different mediums and styles. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you will find these sessions enjoyable and challenging. Don’t miss this opportunity to practice your art and meet other like-minded people!  All you need is a pencil, some paper, and maybe an eraser.

Sign up

There are two options for signing up;  single sessions, or a block of sessions. Related taught classes will also be listed here.

What to expect at a session

1. Getting Started: When you arrive at the session, you’ll set up your drawing materials at a designated space.

2. Model and Poses: A live model, usually nude, will pose for you. The poses will vary in length, from quick warm-ups to longer, more detailed sessions.

3. Breaks and Interaction: Short breaks provide opportunities for relaxation, sharing your work, and discussing techniques with other participants.

4. Materials: You can use a range of art supplies, such as charcoal, or pastels to create your artwork.

5. Respectful Environment: It’s important to maintain a respectful and professional atmosphere, ensuring the model is treated with courtesy.

6. Wrap-Up: The session concludes with a cleanup of your workspace and a chance to return any borrowed materials.

Overall, life drawing sessions offer a supportive environment for artists of all levels, allowing you to practice and improve your skills in capturing the human form.

Suggested supplies


Charcoal & Pastel

Pitt pastel sticks


Drawing Accessories

Drawing Companion Kit