Fabric Swap 2020

This September saw lots of social media campaigns highlighting sustainability in the sewing community. There have been some really inspiring posts highlighting the need to be sustainable in our sewing practices, and practical steps people are taking. While we may strive to be 100% sustainable, this is not always possible and every little bit we do will add up. The main thing I took from the sustainable sewing posts in September was that the most sustainable fabric is the one you already own. Not a new fabric which may be made in an eco-conscious way but one you already have and that already existed. Hang on I hear you say! Don’t you own a fabric shop. Yes, I do! But I do think it’s important for everyone, not just sewers, to be sustainable in their practices.

This brings me to swapping fabric. I recently had a sewing meet up, at a social distance, with a sewing friend. She mentioned a fabric that a friend gave her but it wasn’t her style. I loved it, a turquoise jersey stripe. I offered her some of my wool silk I had squirrelled away as a swap. Just like that two people got fabric they loved without new fabric being bought or produced. This is where the seed set, and fabric swap 2020 was born.

After quite a few chats with Gillian, the amazing person behind @worthydesignstudio, we decided to host an online fabric swap. We all have fabric that we bought with great intentions but now they aren’t quite right. Maybe that event has passed, your style has changed, or like me they were for baby clothes but they are no longer babies!! This is an opportunity for us all to reorganise out stash, cull what we wont use and pass it on to a fellow sewer.

How It Works.

1- 4 October Let everyone know you are taking part in #fabricswap2020

5- 18 October Post pictures of your fabric you wish to swap. Include the following

  • Length and width of fabric
  • Fibre Content (if unknown, state ‘unknown’ but describe its content as best you can)
  • The country you are in.
  • State where you are willing to post* or which drop off* point you would like to use. i.e Ireland Only, UK only, or a participating local fabric shop (please check with your local shop in advance).
  • When someone had commented on your post and you have agreed a swap, please edit your post to say it is swapped.

19 Oct – 18 Nov Make something with your new fabric! Post it on Instagram with #fabricswap2020 and tag me @craftystudio.ie & @worthydesignstudio

At the end of November all sewers who used their fabrics will go into a draw for prizes donated by our sponsors. Remember to tag me @craftystudio & @worthydesignstudio in your makes so you are in the draw.

*Arrangements for posting/drop off and any incurring costs are between swapees, and not associated with any of our sponsors.

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