Сases for watercolour paints, ROSA Gallery


This Empty Watercolour Tin from Rosa Gallery can fit 12 whole pans, and are the ideal storage and transport solution for artists on the move. They let you select your own custom palettes that are unique to you and your work. This 12 whole pan box is fantastic for beginners or artists painting with a limited palette.

These metal tins come with a thumb ring at the bottom, making it easier to hold still whilst painting. It also features a unique fastening system for every row of paints, so that it’s easier to detach a row when you need to free some space for a brush, pencil or other piece of stationery.


  • Empty Tin that can fit 12 whole pans from Rosa Gallery
  • Features a thumb ring for more stability
  • Attractive, compact indigo metal case that doubles as a palette
  • Features a unique fastening system to easily detach rows when you need more space
  • Made in Ukraine
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