2mm Clutch Pencil Set (Mechanical Pencil, Leads & Sharpener)

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The Clutch pencil is great tool for technical drawing, sketching and drawing. A quick and easy push release button on the top of the pencil to extend the 2mm lead, which is thicker and stronger than thin leads allowing you to apply more pressure when drawing. The pencil comes with a handy lead indicator at the top of the pencil which you can change depending on the hardness of lead you have loaded. The finger grip at the bottom of the pencil is made from knurled metal which is non-slip and comfortable to hold.

Comes in a pack with 7 replacement leads and a pointer sharpener.

  • Great for all types of drawing
  • Push release button
  • Lead hardness indicator
  • Non-slip, comfortable grip
  • 7 replacement leads
  • Pointer sharpener 2mm 2B lead

Out of stock

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1 review for 2mm Clutch Pencil Set (Mechanical Pencil, Leads & Sharpener)

  1. Shannon Nawda

    You are missing out on an important sensory pleasure if you use a mechanical pencil rather than a wooden one. The best wooden pencils have a distinctive and delightful fragrance of cedarwood when you sharpen them.

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