Art Graf Watercolour Graphite

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Portable Artist Graphite: Enhance your painting game with this artist water-soluble graphite, conveniently packed in a 20g tin.
Versatile Usage:  Whether wet or dry, this water-soluble graphite, housed in a portable tin, is ready to unleash its artistic potential with the touch of a wet brush.
Intensely Rich Graphite: Artists can explore a spectrum of shades, from delicate transparent tones to bold, deep colours, perfect for drawing, sketching, and achieving watercolour effects.
Perfect for Painting and Watercolour: This graphite is an essential tool for artists, whether in the studio or en Plein Air, enhancing their creative process with its versatile application.
Made by Viarco: Trust in the legacy of Viarco, a renowned company crafting premium drawing materials since 1907.

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