De Atramentis Document Ink 45ml


  • 45ml glass bottle.
  • permanent and waterproof.
  • can be mixed together to create a unique waterproof colour
  • handmade in Germany by Dr. Franz-Josef Jansen
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De Atramentis inks are crafted in Germany. They come in a wide assortment of colours as well as ink types. Browse our selection of De Atramentis fountain pen inks.


What is the difference between De Atramentis Document Ink and Archive Ink?

The difference between these two inks is slight. Both inks are based on the same nanopigment technology. Both are extremely lightfast, both are waterproof, both are acid-free, both are fast drying, and both will last a long, long time on any paper they’re written on. Both would meet any archival standards you might throw at them.

The chief difference is this: The Document Ink has additives that make it resistant to solvents and bleaches — it’s designed to prevent document fraud. While the Archival Ink is listed on the De Atramentis website as meeting ISO standards to avoid document fraud, it doesn’t appear to have been specifically formulated with that goal in mind, as was the case with the Document Ink.

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Black, Brown, Urban Grey, Light Grey, Sepia Brown


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