Pigma Sensei manga set – 4 sizes – black

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Sakura pen is an elegant, non-messing tool with which you can create real pieces of art!

Sakura Pigma Manga Sensei Pen Set has water-based pigment ink, which is water-proof when dry. No color fading.

For the purposes of drawing precise designs, for calligraphy, and for writing on illustrations… It’s perfect!!

Each set includes 4 pens with a tip in different size: 03 for precise details, 04 and 06 perfect for colouring and brush lettering and 10 for drawing bold lines.

Material | Plastic

3 pieces


Made in Japan

Unlike dye-based ink found in most pens and markers, Pigma ink will not feather or bleed, even through the thinnest paper. Pigma ink is derived from a single pigment to ensure color consistency, and is fadeproof against sunlight or UV light. Pigma inks will not clog or dry out like most mechanical pens.


  •  Pigma Micron 005, 01 and 03.


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