White Nights Limited Edition “Plein air Set”, 12 pans

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The “White Nights” brand of artists quality watercolour paints has been produced in Russia since 1934.  “White Nights” are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigment particles plus gum arabic.

The colour palette consists mostly of mono pigment and lightfast colours.   12 x 2.5 ml pans.

An ideal introductory set and great for plein air.

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White Nights water colour has grown into an indispensable brand for the professional water colourist, thanks to the excellent quality and the craftsmanship that has always been at the heart of the St Petersburg paint plant.  Crafty Studio Art Supplies is the first art supplier to bring the world famous “White Nights” watercolour brand to Ireland.  We provide several watercolour sets not available anywhere else in Ireland.

This set features a brand new palette design;


“White Nights” are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigment particles plus gum arabic.

Unlike pan watercolours made with the extrusion process, “White Nights” Watercolours are poured—a process preserving the integrity of each pigment and resulting in semi-moist cakes that respond instantly to a wet brush.

“White Nights” full pans are 2.5ml and compare favourably in price with other professional watercolour brands.  This 2.5ml range will typically outprice the 1.5ml (half-pan) ranges of other professional brands – yet the quality is on a par with them.

Key features:

  • Pigment load 15-50% (very high for watercolours)
  • 3/4 single pigment colours
  • Majority of colours have medium or high light-fastness
  • Ideal for both wet and dry techniques
  • Incredibly rich and strong colours
  • Paint looks transparent – even after 7 layers
  • Finely dispersed
  • Includes gum arabic and honey
  • Liquid poured

A comprehensive colour chart is available here that details the colours available in this set.

Innovative developments and sophisticated technologies aimed at producing the highest quality artistic materials have made White Nights watercolours a hallmark of the company both in Russia and abroad.  The paints are made from finely ground pigments and are bound by gum arabic.  The high concentration of pigment ensures an extremely intense colour tone in the paint.  Depth is maintained even when diluted by a large quantity of water.  The pure colors mean that you can mix the paints to obtain a rich range of hues.  Most of the paints are highly light-resistant, ensuring that your works can survive for over 100 years.

Crafty Studio is the first (and only store) to sell these watercolour sets in Ireland.  Learn more about the White Nights brand here.


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