Acrylic Prime, 280 ml (350g), ROSA Studio


Key properties:
• Optimal whiteness
• Creamy consistency
• High elasticity

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Rosa Acrylic Primer has been tested over the time. It has been used for manufacturing ROSA hand-primed canvases for many years. Recommended to those keen on creating grounds for painting themselves.

Latex and titanium dioxide combined assure ideal white, even application and high elasticity of the primed canvas. It is possible to use different applying techniques depending on the result expected. Applied in thin layers, ROSA Studio Acrylic Primer preserves the canvas texture, while tough layers provide smooth and uniform surface. Use water dissolvent for different consistency levels.

How to use:

• Clean the surface from dust, grease and dirt.
• Before priming the canvas use gelatine or synthetic gluing.
• Apply primer evenly. Apply the second and next primer layers once the previous is completely dry, if necessary.
• Stir thoroughly before use.


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