Linseed Stand Oil, 125ml, ROSA Gallery


Key properties:
• Easily mixed with paints
• Improves paint application and spreading significantly
• Intensifies the glowing effect of the oil paints
• Improves the optical characteristics of the paints in glazes
• Forms a firm waterproof film providing better protection from the environment

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ROSA Gallery oils are designated for fine art: paint dilution, mixture of solvents and varnishes.

The artists mix oil with paints in order to give them a more transparency, fluid consistency and extend their drying time. Paints mixed with linseed oil have better optical characteristics in glazes and improve the glowing effect of the artworks. Unlike solvents, linseed oil does not change the structure of the paint, it dilutes without dissolving.

We produce two types of linseed oil: Polymerised Linseed Oil and Whitened and Refined. Both can be combined with any oil paints of different manufacturers. Whitened and refined inclined to turn yellow less than the raw oil. ROSA Gallery Polymerised Linseed Oil has the most thick and dense consistency and forms a waterproof film firm once dry.


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