Amsterdam Gesso White 250ml


Purpose: Making a universal preparatory layer on various absorbent grounds.

Composition: Acrylic resin dispersion, titanium dioxide

• Provides good adhesion for acrylic paint, oil paint and gouache, etc.
• Suitable for absorbent grounds that are free of dust and grease, such as artists’ canvas (linen, cotton, etc.), wood, plywood, hardboard, cardboard and paper
• Suitable as preparation for murals on (alkaline) grounds such as fresh concrete, stucco and bricks
• Very absorbent grounds must first be pre-sized with Amsterdam acrylic binder 005
• Can be mixed with Amsterdam gesso black 3007, Amsterdam gesso transparent 3000
• Can be colored with acrylic paint
• Thinnable with water
• Waterproof when dry
• Use at temperatures above 10° C
• Store frost-free
• Clean utensils with water

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Amsterdam by Royal Talens believes in you as an artist.

Your talent and your free spirit. And gives you the broadest range of high-quality acrylic colors and supporting tools to express your creativity. Be bold, be colorful.

What started with our Amsterdam Standard Series, made of high grade pigments, has evolved into a unique range of intermixable products with the Amsterdam Expert Series, acrylic markers, spray paint, auxiliaries and more. Together, they offer new creative opportunities – and they all match perfectly, of course.

Let Amsterdam inspire you – and stretch your creative limits!


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