Cobra Painting Medium 091 Bottle 75 ml


Cobra Painting Medium for water-mixable oil paint is a colourless medium that can be mixed with Cobra oil paint to create a smoother and fatter paint. This allows the paint to be spread out easily and the brush stroke to become less distinct. It can be applied in a layered painting technique as well. This painting medium is based on vegetable oils and synthetic resin.


  • Increases the gloss and transparency of the paint.
  • Can be thinned with water.
  • Makes the brush stroke run slightly.
  • Does not influence the drying time of the paint.
  • Increases the durability of the paint film.
  • Yellows slightly.
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Can I also add Cobra painting medium directly to the paint?

Cobra painting medium can be added directly to the paint.

This makes the paint not only thinner but also fatter. Painting medium increases the durability of the paint.

This allows the artist to work according to the “wet-on-wet” principle; painting is continued as long as the paint is wet. If desired the medium can be made less fat with water; just like the paint, Cobra painting medium can be mixed with water.

Cobra painting medium can be used for layered painting. A next layer can only be applied once the previous layer is dry enough to ensure that it will definitely not dissolve.

In connection with the final durability of the paint film, layered painting has to follow the rule of ‘fat over lean’: each subsequent layer has to contain a little more oil.

Water makes the paint leaner, medium makes the paint fatter. The first layer can be thinned with water. The next layers are thinned with a combination of water and medium. As the mixture contains increasingly less water and more medium, each paint film becomes increasingly fatter.



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