Faber Castell TK 4600 clutch pencil, Ø 2 mm


– Multi-purpose clutch pencil for writing, drawing, and sketching
– Hexagonal barrel with ergonomic grip
– Strong clutch holds lead securely
– Pocket-sized at 151 mm
– Lead sharpener included on the push-button
– Includes 2 mm HB lead
– Refillable with TK 9071 leads (4H-3B)

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Introducing the Faber-Castell TK 4600 Clutch Pencil – Your Time-Tested Artistic Companion!

Experience the enduring excellence of the TK Clutch Pencil 4600 from Faber-Castell. This classic and dependable pencil is a favorite among artists and technicians alike. Its iconic design features an ergonomic finger grip and a convenient clip for on-the-go functionality.

Crafted with precision, the strong jaws of the pencil securely hold the lead in place, ensuring uninterrupted creativity. Inside the end cap, you’ll find a built-in sharpener, adding practicality to your artistic process.

The TK 4600 clutch pencil boasts a sleek, evenly balanced shaft with its focal point directed towards the tip. With an included HB lead, you’re ready to create right away. And the best part? It’s refillable with a selection of 11 different hardness grades, offering versatility to match your artistic vision.

Lead Diameter: 2mm

Elevate your artistry with the Faber-Castell TK 4600 Clutch Pencil – where tradition meets innovation.


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