Fabriano ROSA Watercolour Notebook


Notebook for illustrations and watercolours 

∙ Format: A5
∙ Cover color: turquoise
∙ Paper density – 250 g/m2
∙ Paper grain: fine grain
∙ Paper base: 50% cotton
∙ Number of sheets: 32

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The ROSA Gallery watercolour notebook is made of quality Italian double-sided Unica paper and is designed for working with watercolour paints, water markers and liners.
The pages of the notebook are sewn together and framed in a hard cover with a “flax” embossing. This way of making the notebook makes it durable and convenient for regular use for quick sketches while traveling or on a walk, creating en plein air sketches and long-term storage of completed works. A thick cover, high-quality sewing and double-sided paper allow you to comfortably work in an expanded notebook – an enlarged format that expands the capabilities of the popular small A5. A vertical rubber band – a retainer prevents untimely opening of the notebook and keeps the sheets together.
The ROSA Gallery watercolour notebook is designed for professional artists, sketchers, illustrators and beginners in this exquisite painting technique.


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