Hand Primed Linen Stretched Canvases, ROSA


Canvas: pure linen, extra fine grain
Sizing: three-layered
Primer: oil-emulsive four-layered
Stretcher bars: finger-joint pine

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ROSA Hand Primed Linen Stretched Canvases

ROSA Hand Primed Linen Stretched Canvases are prepared for professional artists with pure linen, stretched on finger-joint pine stretchers. The advantages of linen canvases are their durability and resistance to deformation. Linen canvases are famous for their unique woven surface, which gives paintings a dynamic “alive” effect. They also hold thick paint layers better. Large and medium grains help to highlight the relief of painting; these canvases are used for large paintings, landscapes, impasto and painting with a palette knife. Fine-grained canvases are the best choice for classic fine art – portraits and still lives. ROSA linen canvases are available in three kinds of grain texture with the finished weight from 300 to 750 g/m2. This allows the artists to choose the best canvas due to the genre of a painting they have in mind.

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30x40cm, 30x45cm, 24x30cm


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