Field Easel, Tripod, Aluminium


Brand:                          Nevskaya Palitra/Sonnet
Includes:                     Bag/case
Material:                     Aluminum
Features:                    Tilt adjustment, height adjustment
Location:                    Plein Air
Mast type:                 Retractable
Size (folded):            23x28x91 cm
Size (assembled):  92x92x203 cm
Weight:                       2.337 kg


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This field easel is compact, folds easily and takes up little space.  All parts and adjustments are both stable and reliable.   Allows you to adjust the height and angle.  A bag with belt is included to aid with transportation and protection from the rain. Telescopic legs consist of two segments, secured with reliable bolts.

If you are looking for a compact yet stable field easel, this tripod is for you!

Maximum size when erected:  92x92x203 cm.

About the Sonnet Brand

Artistic paints of the Sonnet series are intended primarily for those who study painting skills. They are recommended for performing sketches, rough paintings, term papers and diploma works. Expensive inorganic pigments (cadmium and cobalt) are replaced by lightfast organic ones. The percentage of binders, additives and fillers in the composition is increased. A well balanced palette includes the most popular colours.


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