Odourless solvent, ROSA Studio


Key properties:
• Easy mixed with paints
• Easily wash brushes, knifes and palettes
• Suitable for work in groups and enclosed spaces
• Highly flammable
• Not completely odour free


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ROSA Odourless Solvent is a dearomatized solvent for art works: oil paints dilution, viscosity reduction as well as cleaning brushes, palettes and canvases.

Being dearomatized, the solvent is suitable for indoor works and can be used by people sensitive to fragrances. It should be remembered that as fragrance-free solvent has effluvia, artists’ workrooms, studios, study classes require periodic airing or special ventilation systems to be installed.  White spirit-based solvents evaporate fast in the open air minimising drying time of the paints.

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125ml, 250ml


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