Oil Paint Set, Ladoga – 8x18ml


Set of artists’ ‘Ladoga’ oil paints 8 colours in 18ml tubes.

Colours included;

  • Zinc or Titanium white
  • Cadmium yellow light (hue) or cadmium yellow medium (hue)
  • Madder lake red (hue) or carmine (hue)
  • Ultramarine light
  • Phthalocyanine blue or Prussian blue
  • Burnt sienna or burnt umber
  • Lamp black or shungite
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This Ladoga oil paint set is perfect for art students and for artists looking for quality paints at an affordable price.  Available in open stock or as an oil paint set in Ireland via Crafty Studio, they are made of high-quality finely ground pigments on a linseed oil base, Ladoga oil paints have rich permanent colours with high light-fastness.

«Ladoga» series benefits

  • Modern high quality pigments
  • Traditional binders
  • Natural earth colours

Cadmiums and cobalts in Ladoga series are not real (marked HUE), which also provides some benefits:  they boast bright and rich colours with non-toxic chemicals.  It is an Eco-friendly option for anyone looking for a quality oil paint set in Ireland at an affordable price.

Earth colours (ochre, cyan, sienna, and umber), which is where this paint range really shines,  consist of natural pigments providing deep tone unreachable by synthetic pigments.

Thick and heavy-body consistency allows Ladoga paints to last longer with a wide range of use: variety of techniques, including painting with palette knives and wide brush strokes.

Pigment load: up to 26%
Binder: Linseed oil

Ladoga Oils Colour Chart

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About Nevskaya Palitra

For 85 years, the Nevskaya Palitra Artistic Paints Plant has been producing high-quality products for professional artists and art lovers. Today we are the only Russian company with a full cycle of production of professional art materials.

The enterprise was founded in 1934 – based at the small paints and coatings factory built by Julius Friedlander, the English technologist in 1900 on the embankment of the river Chernaya. On December 1, 1934, in accordance with the order of G.K. Ordzhonikidze, the Leningrad Artistic Paints Plant of the All-Russian Association of the paints and coatings industry entered the list of operating factories.

The Nevskaya Palitra Plant produces a wide range of products, including watercolours, oil, tempera, and acrylics paints, gouache, products for children’s crafts, as well as additional materials for painting, and decorative and applied arts. Product line choice depends on the creative task that a painter sets himself/herself.

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