Russian Sauce Crayons – 10 sticks


Russian Sauce is a cross between a soft pastel and a Conté crayon. It combines high-quality pigment with Chasov Yar clay and carbon for a velvety smooth drawing crayon.

  • 10 pieces, 62mm in length, in a cardboard box.
  • Used in the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, St Petersburg.
  • Silky and smooth texture.
  • Can be used for toning paper by grinding a pastel stick into powder and mixing with water
  • wash and blend them as watercolours with a soft brush
  • The sauce, after drying, can be washed with an eraser
  • Perfect choice for graphic arts, especially for life drawings and portraits.
  • White, Brown, Ochre, Black, Warm grey, Grey blue, Grey, Bistro, Grey green, Light grey