Sonnet Studio Watercolours in metal box – 21 Pans


  • Bright and ergonomic tin cases that are designed for travelling workshops and Plein Air painting;
  • Sturdy and reusable, with yellow enamel exterior and white enamel interior with a palette on the back of the case for colour mixing;
  • Contains 21 x 2.5ml full pans
  • An additional row allows to place more pans;
  • The case equipped with a ring binder, it fits your hand perfectly and comfortable to carry around.

Approx. box size:    22 cm wide x 7.5 cm long  x 2.5 cm deep.

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Sonnet watercolours are made of high quality pigments and binders which provide transparency, intensity and purity of colours. These paints can be perfectly mixed and diluted with water and are a good substitute to expensive professional paints.

An excellent option as a student watercolour set but this really undersells just how good these watercolours actually are.  Check out a great review of this set on YouTube by the watercolour artist Smoothie on his painting and drawing channel.

Learn more about the Sonnet brand here.



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