Talens Protecting Spray 150ml


Purpose: Protecting works carried out in, for example, gouache, water colour and inks

Composition: Colourless, non-yellowing acrylic resin, dissolved in, amongst others, white spirit

• Short drying time
• Layer thickness determines the degree of gloss (a thick layer gives a higher gloss)
• Makes matt paint layers more transparent and colours deeper
• Does not yellow
• Water resistant when dry, making the painting less susceptible to moisture
• Store in a cool and dry place
• Extremely flammable


Talens supplies a large and very complete range of auxiliaries, essential for practically every painting technique. These auxiliaries are divided into mediums and varnishes. The auxiliaries are accurately geared to the specific requirements of each technique. They ensure a good technical composition and conservation of the work or change the properties of the artists’ paint.


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