Twin Brush Markers, Sonnet


Twin brush markers containing alcohol-based inks that can be layered and blended together to build beautiful effects and depth to your work.

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Sonnet TWIN BRUSH markers are intended for all types of sketching, as well as complex illustrations, comics and other creative directions.

Two nibs – a brush marker and a chisel

Sonnet TWIN BRUSH markers are twin-tipped: a flexible brush nib that is incredibly flexible, resilient, easy to control,  allows you to vary the stroke thickness from fine lines to wide strokes, to achieve soft colour transitions.

The broad nib on the other end has a chisel shape, which is perfect for filling large areas and for fast visualisation.

Perfect for layering

Semi-transparent colours blend well and can be layered to achieve varying depth and opacity with glazes, forming smooth gradients and new shades.

Colours can be blended

A wide range of colours can be achieved by using the colourless blender to soften and merge colours together.


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Colourless blender 0, Grayish Yellow Y211, Yellow Y314, Walnut Y332, Marigold Y416, Yellow Ochre Y423, Raw Umber Y543, Orange Y608, Morin Y611, Potato Brown Y623, Praline Y648, Burnt Sienna Y741, Mahogany Y932, Brown Y934, Coral Red R207, Deep Red R317, Cherry Pink R416, Old Red R427, Medium Pink R502, Pastel Pink R503, Vivid Reddish Purple R606, Pastel Violet R703, Deep Violet R706, Aster tataricus R826, Sky Blue B003, Brilliant Blue B016, Napoleon Blue B028, Baby Blue B204, Cerulean Blue B205, Grass Green G515, Leaf Buds G615, Olivine G743, Yellow Green G804, Petits Pois G825, Green Grey GG01, Green Grey GG03, Green Grey GG05, Green Grey GG07, Green Grey GG09, Warm Grey 1 WG01, Warm Grey 2 WG02, Warm Grey 3 WG03, Warm Grey 5 WG05, Warm Grey 7 WG07, Warm Grey 9 WG09


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