Watercolour Pads, Sonnet


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Watercolour pads that are the perfect surface for use with Sonnet water colours.  Crafty Studio are the first to bring Sonnet watercolour paper to Ireland.

Because it is made from 100% cellulose, the paper is perfect for creating glazes and multi-layered paintings.  It holds bright colours, makes for easy rinsing and correcting, and is resistant to deformation when drenched in water.

On cellulose, you can perform various experiments with watercolours without worrying about the result, this will allow you to relax and let you open up in your creativity,

The watercolour pads are glued on either 1 edge or all 4 edges for ease and precision when tearing.  Alternatively, you also have the choice of a spiral bound pad.

The last page of the watercolour pad is a firm base which serves as a backboard.

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Texture Eggshell A4 Pad, Medium Grain A4 Pad, Medium Grain A4 Spiral


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