Clairefontaine Painting Paper Gouache/Acrylic 360g. 24×32 cm. 6 Sheets


This paper is ideal for wet techniques as it will not wrinkle. A light-resistant and long-lasting surface means pigments will retain their brightness.

  • 24 x 32 cm in size
  • Paper is suitable for use in wet techniques as the paper does not wrinkle; The paper is also light resistant, long lasting and acid free.
  • Paper is 360 g
  • Paper comes in an envelope packet
  • pack of 6 sheets


Clairefontaine enjoys an exceptional recognised reputation, this is not without reason: Clairefontaine is a paper producer and converter that controls its production at every stage of manufacture, which warrants the constant quality of its products. The machines are equipped with sensors that constantly check the quality of the products according to a multitude of parameters.  All the papers used by the group are manufactured at Clairefontaine’s four production sites. The most important site is of course Etival-Clairefontaine, located 90km from Strasbourg, along the Meurthe river.  Everbal mill is dedicated to recycled paper.  Mandeure mill specialises in heavy-weight and speciality papers. Schut site (in the Netherlands) produces top-end speciality papers.


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