Decola Metallic Acrylic Set – 8x18ml tubes


  • 8×18 ml tubes,
  • Inca Gold, Aztec Gold, Antique Gold, Gold Leaf, Bronze, Copper, Silver Light, Silver Deep


These colours imitate the colours of the metals, are easily applied on paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, metal, leather, etc, and are fast drying.  After drying it forms a durable elastic, layer that is indelible.

A comparison with oil paint:

  • Acrylic is water-soluble, does not require any special fluids, and can be easily washed away from brushes with water;
  • In comparison with oil colours, acrylic does not smell which is a plus when working indoors;
  • The drying time of a thin layer of oil paint can take a week on average; by comparison, a thin acrylic colour layer dries approximately in half an hour.

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