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The name “White Nights” comes from St. Petersburg, where summer nights are long and the sky is never dark.  “White Nights” is a famous brand of professional watercolour paints.

“White Nights” are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigment particles plus gum arabic.

Unlike pan watercolours made with the extrusion process, “White Nights” Watercolours are poured—a process preserving the integrity of each pigment and resulting in semi-moist cakes that respond instantly to a wet brush.

“White Nights” full pans are 2.5ml and compare favourably in price with other professional watercolour brands.  This 2.5ml range will typically outprice the 1.5ml (half-pan) ranges of other professional brands – yet the quality is on a par with them.

Key features:

  • Pigment load 15-50% (very high for watercolours)
  • 3/4 single pigment colours
  • Majority of colours have medium or high light-fastness
  • Ideal for both wet and dry techniques
  • Incredibly rich and strong colours
  • Most pigments are true (not HUE)
  • 95 colours available at Crafty Studio
  • Paint looks transparent – even after 7 layers
  • Finely dispersed
  • Includes gum arabic and honey
  • Liquid poured

White Nights Watercolour Chart

Additional information


Zinc White, Lemon, Cadmium Lemon, Yellow, Aureolin, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Ochre Light, Yellow Ochre, Irgazin Yellow, Indian Yellow, Indian Gold, Naples Yellow Light, Naples Yellow, Naples Flesh, Golden, Golden Deep, Cadmium Orange, Orange, Neapolitan Orange, Titian Red, Cadmium Red Light, Geranium Red, Ruby, Carmine, Madder Lake Red Light, Rose Quartz, Neon Pink, Pink Peony, Quinocridone Rose, Quinocridone Lilac, Quinocridone Violet Rose, Quinocridone Violet, Venetian Purple, Perylene Purple, Blue, Ceruleum Blue, Azure Blue, Cobalt Azure Blue, Bright Blue, Azure, Celestial Blue, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Dark, Ultramarine Violet, Indanthrene Blue Light, Indanthrene Blue, Indigo, Cobalt Turquoise, Turquoise Blue, Green Light, Emerald Green, May Green, Warm Green, Yellow Green, Sap Green, Olive Green, Oxide of Chromium, Green, Green Original, Green Earth, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Shakhnazarskaya Red, Red Ochre, English Red, Venetian Red, Maroon, Caput Mortuum, Umber, Burnt Umber, Mars Brown, Van Dyke Brown, Sepia, Payne's Gray, Neutral Black, Lamp Black, Voronezhskaya Black, Ivory Black hue, Antique Gold "Metallic", Aztec Gold "Metallic", Inca Gold "Metallic", Silver Light "Metallic", Silver Deep "Metallic", Bronze "Metallic", Copper "Metallic", Coral "Pastel", Lilac "Pastel", Lavender "Pastel", Royal Blue "Pastel", Petersburg Ochre, Pearl Grey, Peach, Magnolia, Dunes, Marengo, Mocha, Mint


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