Landscape painting in oils – 21st September


Saturday 21st September

Join artist Dave West for a one day landscape painting workshop in oils.  Dave will guide you through his methodical approach in which he breaks down the process  step-by-step exploring planning, composition, value study, blocking-in, developing the painting, finishing and detail.


Beginner and Improver


Dave West

Instagram: @davewestart


  • Understand the step-by-step process of landscape painting with oils
  • Learn methods for effective planning and composition in landscape painting
  • Explore techniques for conducting value studies to enhance depth and dimension in paintings
  • Master the skill of blocking-in, laying the foundation for a successful landscape painting
  • Develop proficiency in gradually building up a painting, progressing from initial layers to finished piece
  • Learn strategies for adding detail and refining the painting to achieve desired effects
  • Gain insight into Dave’s methodical approach and how to apply it to your own landscape painting practice


About Dave

Dave West is a full time artist originally from Swansea in South Wales living in Ireland since 1995.

He has exhibited widely with both solo and group shows including many of Ireland and the UK’s most prestigious societies and academies including the Royal Academy, Royal Hibernian Academy, and the Royal Ulster Academy.

Dave works across many different art forms but has a particular love of painting ‘en plein air’ in the Irish landscape.

He has tutored, and won prizes at numerous Plein-air festival and events including Art in the Open held annually in Wexford, The Dublin Plein-air festival and Paint out Norfolk in the UK

Date: Saturday 21st September
Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm (incl 1 hr lunch break)
Duration: 5.5hrs
Location: Crafty Studio, 2a Prospect Ave, Harts Corner, Glasnevin Dublin 9.
Class is suitable for both beginners and those who want to improve painting skills.
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