Mixed Media Portraits 7th September


September 2024

In this one day workshop, figurative artist Marie Le Men will teach you various techniques to complete a portrait from photo reference, working in ink and watercolour. You will learn how to bring your sketching skills to the next level by introducing subtle details and bringing in life and mood through spontaneous use of colour.

Suitable for improvers and confident beginners.

Time & Dates

Saturday 7th September


Crafty Studio, 2 Prospect Ave, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, D09 DD83

During the class students will:

  • Draw and paint an expressive portrait from a photo reference
  • Understand the fundamentals of drawing a head and develop observational skills to accurately measure and depict key features of the face.
  • Use a fine liner and exploit the unique properties of watercolour
  • Explore basic principles of colour mixing, learning how to neutralise colours for skin tones.
  • Explore the use of translucent washes and glazes and and wet-on-wet application.


Marie Le Men (@marie_lemen_artworks)

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