Summer Botanical Watercolour Painting for Beginners – 13th July



Saturday 13th July

This one-day workshop will teach you how to paint summer blooms. Using reference photos, and real flowers we will focus on the importance of composition, colour mixing, and mark making in landscape painting.

Taught by classically trained artist Olga Byrne Suitable for beginners.  Teaching will be tailored to participant’s individual needs.

Olga was born in Saint-Petersburg. From her early childhood in The Studio of Hermitage to The Royal Academy Of Fine Arts (where she graduated in 2005) she studied painting. As a professional artist, Olga works a lot illustrating books and teaching students.

There are more than 30 books published with Olga Byrne’s illustrations. In the United Arab Emirates, Olga established an Art studio where she taught painting to both children and adults, and already more than 500 students around the world draw and study with pleasure. Today Olga lives with her family and works in her workshop WWW.OLYAARTSTUDIO.IE , in Ireland, where nature itself inspires, helping to realize her ideas and projects. 


Beginner and Improver


Olga Byrne


1. Introduction to watercolour materials: Students will learn about different kinds of watercolours, brushes, papers, and other materials used in watercolour painting.
2. Colour mixing and blending: Students will learn the basics of colour theory and how to mix colours efficiently. They will also learn techniques for achieving smooth colour transitions and gradients in their botanical paintings.
3. Brushwork and washes: Students will be introduced to different brushstroke techniques and how to create different types of washes, such as wet-on-wet, dry brush, and glazing. They will learn how to use brushes to capture the textures and details of various plants and flowers.
4. Drawing and composition: Students will be taught how to sketch botanical subjects accurately and how to compose their paintings for an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. They may learn about basic principles of composition, such as the rule of thirds or focal points.
5. Botany basics: While not an extensive study of botany, students may learn some basic information about plant anatomy, such as the parts of a flower or leaf, to better understand the subjects they are painting.
6. Techniques for capturing details: Students will be guided on how to paint intricate details of plants, such as delicate petals, intricate foliage, and the texture of different plant surfaces. They may learn techniques like dry brushing, lifting, or layering to achieve varying levels of detail.
7. Light and shadow: Students will learn how to create depth, volume, and dimension in their botanical paintings by understanding the interplay of light and shadow. Techniques for painting highlights and shadows will be taught.
8. Tips and tricks: Throughout the class, students may be provided with various tips and tricks specific to watercolor botanical painting. These could include methods for creating realistic textures, correcting mistakes, or enhancing the visual impact of their paintings.
Date: Saturday 103h July
Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm (incl 1 hr lunch break)
Duration: 5hrs
Location: Crafty Studio, 2a Prospect Ave, Harts Corner, Glasnevin Dublin 9.
Class is suitable for both beginners and those who want to improve painting skills.
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