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Cyanotype, what is it?
It is a process of monochrome photographic reproduction, on paper or textile, close to silver photography, invented in 1842.

It is the exposure to light for a few minutes which prints a negative print of an object or a document on a paper or textile surface pretreated with a photosensitive solution. After washing with water, the area exposed to UV rays turns blue, the area under the object or remained in the shade remains white.

This kit contains 2 bottles of powdered products, necessary for Cyanotype printing: potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate.

The ideal quantity for 65 20×25 cm prints on paper or 50 20×25 cm prints on fabric.

Instructions for use in 5 simple steps:
1- fill each bottle with water
2- cover all or part of a paper or cloth with the mixture of the 2 liquids
3- place objects or a negative film on the paper
4- expose to UV rays under a glass plate (3 to 30 min)
5- rinse

Out of stock

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