Drawing The Head for Beginners – 8th June

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June 2024

In this one-day workshop, students will be guided through the process of portrait drawing from photo references. Pierce’s aim in his teaching method is to keep things simple, ensuring the communication of complex ideas in an easy-to-digest way.

Suitable for beginners and improvers.

Time & Dates

Saturday 8th June


The workshop will take place in the purpose made teaching space at Crafty Studio, Glasnevin

  • At the start of the session, you’ll experience a drawing demo outlining the steps you can take to build the foundation of your drawing, as well as the thought process behind each mark made.
  • Pierce’s drawing style revolves around intuition and trusting one’s eyes; there’ll be no strict grids or measuring tools. Every drawing is an exercise in itself, so there’s no pressure to make it “perfect.”
  • Once students start their own drawings, your tutor will circulate to each person individually, working to assist you at your own speed and level.
  • Through this workshop, Pierce hopes to teach students to get a feel for the medium (the artistic materials or tools you’ll be using), the ability to diagnose and fix mistakes, and how to simplify complex forms, giving you the confidence to tackle any subject.


Pierce Rhodes (@pierce_rhodes) is an artist based in Dublin, with extensive expertise in creating portraits and figurative works using graphite and charcoal. Pierce firmly believes that a solid grasp of the fundamentals is essential for expressing oneself in both painting and drawing. His teaching method is grounded in clear communication and practical demonstration, meeting you at your current artistic level and guiding you towards greater proficiency in portraiture and picture making in general.

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