Master Class Gouache Set – 16 x 20ml Jars


  • extra fine-grade colours with high concentration of pigment;
  • features earth colours, cadmiums, and cobalts;
  • mostly single pigment and excellent light-fast colours;
  • pure and deep colours, unique and inimitable tints.

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Clairefontaine Painting Paper Gouache/Acrylic 360g. 24x32 cm. 6 Sheets

This paper is ideal for wet techniques as it will not wrinkle. A light-resistant and long-lasting surface means pigments will retain their brightness.

  • 24 x 32 cm in size
  • Paper is suitable for use in wet techniques as the paper does not wrinkle; The paper is also light resistant, long lasting and acid free.
  • Paper is 360 g
  • Paper comes in an envelope packet
  • pack of 6 sheets
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