Watercolour Gift Bundle No. 2


A White Nights gift bundle for watercolour artists comprised of;

  • White Nights 12 Pan Metal Set
  • White Nights Medium Grain A4 Pad
  • White Nights Masking Fluid
  • Synthetic Round Short Handle Brush, Size 4

White Nights Watercolour Set - 12 Pan Metal Box

  • 12 x 2.5ml full pans
  • Designed for travelling workshops and plain airs.
  • Sturdy, reusable, and feature bright enamel exterior and white enamel interior with a foldout palette for colour mixing.
  • The case equipped with a ring binder, it fits your hand perfectly and comfortable to carry around.


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Watercolour Paper, White Nights

Medium Grain A4

White Nights Masking Fluid 50ml

Masking fluid,  by the makers of “White Nights”, is based on natural latex, forms a waterproof film that protects paper areas from flowing and mixing watercolors after drying.

You can spread it using a brush, quill or stick.

When dry, it can be applied to the entire surface, including the hidden drawing elements.

When it is dry, you can remove it completely from the paper surface using an eraser or just your fingers.

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Sonnet Synthetic Round Short Handle

Clear varnished short handles with a silver ferrule and golden synthetic hair.  Suitable mainly for water colour and also useful for acrylic and oil painting.


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Watercolour Paper, White Nights


Medium Grain A4

Sonnet Synthetic Round Short Handle




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